Inner Space Camp Information

Registration Deadline: June 1, 2017

Summer 2017 camp dates:

June 11 through June 16th!!!


Admission Standards:

You must meet the following requirements to be eligible for Inner Space Camp:

  • Must demonstrate academic excellence by having a cumulative GPA of no less than 3.0
  • Must obtain a letter of reference from a teacher
  • Must submit a brief essay with your registration explaining why you would like to become a camp member.
  • Must be a current high school student, aged 14-18, exceptions may be made for 8th grade students.


Scholarships are available and based on need.  You can apply for a fee reduction by checking this
option on the Application.  Fees are due upon at registration on the first day of camp. You may prepay at any time. Cost of camp is indicated per table below:

CAMP FEE SCHEDULE for residential camp--
(Includes cost of housing, food, materials,
activities, and camp gear).
                 TOTAL COST FOR WEEK
Full amenities                  $500.00
Reduced fee option 1                  $300.00
Reduced fee option 2                  $200.00


Staff and Faculty Participants:

Cheryl Ramey, M.S., LPCC Camp Director

Robert Brubaker, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Psychology

Faculty Listing