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Camp Inner Space

You’ve heard of outer space camps?

Join us for…

Inner Space Camp

Inner Space Camp is a residential camp for high school students, aged 14-18, interested in the exciting field of psychology.  Hosted by the Department of Psychology at Eastern Kentucky University, Inner Space Camp offers you the chance to spend a week immersed in learning about the human mind and behavior. 

Working with our distinguished faculty, you’ll explore…

  • Clinical Psychology (the art and science of helping others)
  • Neuroscience (the mysteries of how our brain works)
  • Forensic Psychology (the criminal mind and psychology and the law)
  • Sensation and Perception (how our eyes, ears, and sense of smell work)
  • Cognitive Psychology (how we think, solve problems, and make decisions)
  • Developmental Psychology (how we grow and develop as kids and adults)
  • Animal Behavior (how humans and other animals interact, using pets to help people)

…and a lot more.

It won’t be all work.  You’ll live in an EKU dorm with other campers and counselors, take field trips, and participate in lots of hands-on activities.  There will be games, swimming, and lots of fun activities!

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SUMMER 2017 June 11th thru June 16th

Join us, June 2017, as we explore Inner Space: The Real Final Frontier.

The deadline for application is June 1, but space is limited.  Register soon to reserve your space.

Questions? Contact the Camp Co-Directors, Taylor Kutchen (, Cassie Whitt ( or the Chair of the EKU Psychology Department, Dr. Robert Brubaker (