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Dustin Wygant Awards, Recognitions and Publications


Representative Publications

Wygant, D.B., & Granacher, R.P. (2015). Assessment of Validity and Response Bias in Neuropsychiatric Evaluations. NeuroRehabilitation, 36, 427-438.

Wygant, D.B., & Lareau, C.R. (2015). Civil and Criminal Forensic Psychological Assessment: Similarities and Unique Challenges. Psychological Injury and Law, 8, 11-26.

Wygant, D.B., Applegate, K.C., & Wall, T.D. (2015). Assessing Facets of Personality and Psychopathology in Violent Offenders. In C.A. Pietz & C.A. Mattson (Eds.) Violent Offenders: Understanding and Assessment (pp. 384-408).  New York: Oxford University Press.

Wall, T.D., Wygant, D.B., & Sellbom, M. (2015). Boldness Explains a Key Difference Between Psychopathy and Antisocial Personality Disorder. Psychiatry, Psychology and Law, 22, 94-105.

Anderson, J.L., Sellbom, M., Wygant, D.B., Salekin, R.T., & Krueger, R.F. (2014). Examining the Associations between DSM-5 Section 3 Antisocial Personality Disorder and Psychopathy in Community and University Samples. Journal of Personality Disorders, 28, 675-697.

McBride, W.F., Crighton, A.C., Wygant, D.B., & Granacher, R.P. (2013). It's Not All in Your Head (or at least your Brain): Association of Traumatic Brain Lesion Presence and Location with Performance on Measures of Response Bias in Forensic Evaluation. Behavioral Sciences and the Law, 31, 779-788.

Stanley, J.H., Wygant, D.B., & Sellbom, M. (2013). Elaborating on the Construct Validity of the Triarchic Psychopathy measure in a Criminal Offender Sample. Journal of Personality Assessment, 95, 343-350.

Wygant, D.B., & Sellbom, M. (2012). Viewing Psychopathy from the Perspective of the Personality Psychopathology Five Model: Implications for DSM-5. Journal of Personality Disorders, 26, 717-726.

Wygant, D.B., Anderson, J.L., Sellbom, M., Rapier, J.L., Allgeier, L.M., & Granacher, R.P. (2011). Association of the MMPI-2 Restructured Form (MMPI-2-RF) Validity Scales with Structured Malingering Criteria. Psychological Injury and Law, 4, 13-23.


2015 Excellence in Research and Creative Activities Award, College of Arts and Sciences, Eastern Kentucky University

2015 Fellow, Society for Personality Assessment

2015 Samuel J. and Anne G. Beck Early Career Award. Society for Personality Assessment

2014 Ruric and Mary Roark Distinguished Lecture (Reflections on Psychopathy: Elucidating the Criminal Mind and Personality), College of Arts & Sciences, Eastern Kentucky University

2011 Outstanding Undergraduate Mentor Award, Kentucky Psychological Association Foundation

2010 John E. Exner Scholar Award, Society for Personality Assessment

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